1827 Census Returns

These are the only census records we hold which are not on microfilm. These returns are published in book form: Census of Nova Scotia - 1827 Census of District of Pictou - 1818 [sic], comp. by Allan C. Dunlop, Public Archives of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS, November 1979. The ATCHA call number is 929.3716 Cen.

The 1827 census information is presented in tabulated form, in alphabetical order province-wide, and only the genealogical material has been compiled. Each page has 12 columns containing the following specific information from left to right on each family:

NAME Name of the head of family
A Religion
B Occupation
C Town or village
D Males in household
E Females in household
F Male servants
G Female servants
H Total people in household
J Births in the family in year ending 1 October 1827
K Female marriages in the family in year ending 1 October 1827
L Deaths in the family in the year ending 1 October 1827

There is no column labeled "I"

The information in each column is coded, either with letters or numbers, the explanation of which is given on pp. 2-4 of this publication.

The 1817 Census of the District of Pictou is included in this publication in recognition of the International Gathering of the Clans held in Nova Scotia during the summer of 1979. It is in tabulated form, alphabetical order, and coded. In the seven columns on each page one finds the name of the head of the household, and the total number of people per household, broken down into five age and gender related categories.