The Argyle Township Court House Archives has a very active photographic acquisition program. We actively seek out collections of identified photographs that pertain in some way to the history of the people, communities and institutions of the Municipality of Argyle.

Since 1987 we have acquired on average some 750 photographic items per year. It takes considerable time for us to make these images accessible to our users. We will always have a tremendous backlog in this regard, but the alternative, which is to acquire less, is not considered a viable option. Often the opportunity to acquire photographic images comes one time only.

In many cases we borrow collections of photographs and then have a photographer produce copy negatives and prints, and the originals are returned to their owners.

All of our photographs acquired in 1987, plus all photographs acquired prior to that date are accessible through a card file found in the archives.

We now have a database which is used for describing photographs, and we have entered the information on just over 2,000 images. We are able to search our database by subject (including surname & first name), by photographer, studio, nature of the photographic item (tintype, ambrotybe, etc.) and in some other ways as well.

We are willing to carry out searches for people, even amongst those photographic images not yet catalogued.

We are currently also making efforts to implement RAD (Rules for Archival Description) for our graphic holdings.

We post here some samples from our collection, along with their descriptions from our database to give users and potential users an idea of our holdings and the information usually contained on various photographs.