Peter Crowell

Peter Crowell, CG(C)

Municipal Records Manager, Historian & Archivist
Born 1954 at Yarmouth, N.S., son of Russell C. & Lorraine V. (Harding) Crowell of East Kemptville, Yarmouth Co., N.S. , where he was brought up. He was educated at Yarmouth Memorial High School, Dalhousie University and the University of British Columbia. He has lived in Toronto, Vancouver, B.C., Halifax, N.S. and Yarmouth, N.S. He has been employed at the Argyle Township Court House & Archives since 1985, and since 1988 as the full-time Records Manager, Historian & Archivist.

Peter Crowell's Curriculum Vitae


Although there is at present only one full-time staff member employed at the Argyle Township Court House & Archives, a wide range of additional employees work at this facility over the course of each year.

During the summer months we employ Interpretive Guides/Archival Assistants. These positions are bilingual and we usually conduct interviews for the positions each spring, usually in April or May. The positions range from 9 to 16 weeks.

During the summer of 2010 we employed seven summer students. Since these summer positions occur on an annual basis we offer here a description of these positions.

Summer Staff 2010

(left to right): back- James Wood, Jennifer Surette, middle row - Kaitlyn Bourque, Elizabeth Muise, Katelyn Meuse, front - Karlee Muise, Dyson Roberts-Murphy (volunteer), Chelsea Stevens

During other parts of the year we employ various workers on a contract basis.

As funding becomes available we do continue to work at completing our Heritage Property Inventory of pre-1914 buildings in the Municipality of Argyle. Some of the researchers who have been employed carrying out this work have been Doreen Anderson (1999-2002); Jerry Titus (1995-1998), Susan Young (1995-2002), Carol Jacquard (1998-2000), Veralyn Rogers Bonnar (2001-2002) and Karen Sweeney (2001-2002).



Josette Doucette – began her employment with the Argyle Township Court House & Archives the last week of August 2007 and will be employed until the end of December 2007 as a Bilingual Interpretive Guide and Archival Assistant. Josette worked for us as summer employee for three seasons, the last time being in 2004. Josette graduated from Acadia University in May with a degree in Business Administration. She intends to return to school in September 2008.



Our archives could not possibly function without a dedicated volunteer staff as well.

Some of our volunteers give a day or more per week on a regular basis. Others pitch in to collate our newsletter, do local deliveries of the newsletter, etc. Other volunteers such as Pat Moore Boudreau serve as Membership Secretary and Susan Young serves as our Publications Secretary and is responsible for creating our annual Heritage Calendar. All of our Society Directors give of their time as well. Our main volunteers over the past year have been as follows:

Jill Trask Tusket, NS
Mildred LeBlancBelleville, NS
Doreen A. AndersonArcadia, NS
Raymond BowersArcadia, NS
Caroline BabinLr. Eel Brook, NS
Loretta WoodRaynardton, NS
Barbara CainTusket Falls, NS
Claire PothierWedgeport, NS
Lorraine NewmanDeerfield, NS
Trudy OlsenPembroke, NS
Rachel SmithMelbourne, NS
Jerry TitusYarmouth, NS
Susan YoungTusket, NS