1. A research or user's fee of $3.00 per person for a half day and $5.00 per person for a full day, is charged to all researchers carrying out research in person at the archives, who have not already paid membership dues in the Argyle Municipality Historical & Genealogical Society. Paid members of the Society do not pay the user's fee.

  2. Research Queries by Mail - All research queries are handled by staff members, under the supervision of a Certified Genealogist.
    Payment must be received in advance for any queries requiring more than one hour of staff time. All subsequent inquiries are subject to the following charges:

  3. Research Queries by Phone - All research queries received by phone will be subject to the same fee schedule as Research Queries by mail.

  4. Research Queries by E-Mail. Research queries by e-mail are subject to the same fees as research carried out by mail.

  5. Photocopying fees:

  6. Photographic copies:

  7. Commercial publication fees [photos to be used for publication purposes]:

  8. Admission fee for tours of the building:

All fees are subject to change. Fee schedules will be clearly posted at all times in the archives.

Note: In cases where a client wishes to purchase a print, and the archives has not already scanned the image, the client will also be required to cover the cost of scanning.