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The book and periodical collection at the Argyle Township Court House & Archives has as its particular focus the history of people, places and institutions within Yarmouth County. As such we hold copies of all known published works pertaining to these topics.

We have also made a special effort to service the many researchers who arrive at our archives each summer, knowing only that their ancestors came from somewhere in Nova Scotia. To this end we hold copies of most county histories for other Nova Scotia counties.

Our holdings also contain a number of published genealogies and books pertaining to matters that touch on the history of all Nova Scotia peoples.

Due to the subject areas covered by our collection, we own a number of rare books. Many books that have been published locally have not been widely distributed, and may not be found in libraries or archives outside of this area.

Due to the fact that 75% of the population of Argyle Municipality is Acadian, we have an extensive collection of Acadian materials.

Other subject areas covered are United Empire Loyalists, Planters, and Mayflower Descendants.
We have approximately 3,000 publications in our library. All of our published books and periodicals are properly catalogued, and are retrievable by author, title and subject through our card file. We do not have a listing of our books or periodicals in an automated database.

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